“Slow Coast Gift Boxes represent everything I love about the West Coast: the appreciation of beauty
and art around us, the desire to give back to the earth and its artisans, the celebration of goods made
by hand one at a time. Every box is an event.” “

-Paige Porter Fischer, Sunset Magazine

We all know that the holidays are a pretty special time of year. Filled with giving, joy, warmth, good food, and good friends. It’s a great time to share with others, share laughs, share moments, share the things you love most. We would like to help you do these things, at the Slow Coast with a custom box filled with the products that mean the most to you. Our products help many people, both those who make them and those who are directly benefited through the sales. Give the gift of knowing you are making a difference to someone you love this holiday. We can help you design a box that is perfect for both you and the recipient. All gift boxes have a base with our custom fire branded redwood boxes, which is a gift in itself, and then are lovingly packed with any combination of our products. Pick a theme, a scent, or maybe just fill it with whatever fits your fancy. It’s going to be something pretty special any way you choose to fill it.

Consider a holiday box for

-Gratitude Boxes, A Brilliant Way to Say Thank You.

-Special Gifts.

-Holiday Party Favors for All of Your Guests.

-Fire-Branded Boxes With Your Location or Name.

Please, visit our shop to view our amazing products, or email us to find out more, or to arrange for a box.


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