What’s a better gift to give than one that gives back?

We LOVE CauseBars, and for a good reason. Each one either A) Saves a baby sea turtle B) Feeds a child in need. Our bars are made out of premium, local goats milk in small batches, and with loving hands. Pick your cause, or maybe even base it on scent (the Ocean bar smells of a day at the beach, while the Heart smells of a meadow with fresh flowers).  Either way, you are going to feel no buyers remorse after picking up one of these sweet gifts. Each cause bar comes with a blue marble inside, a little treat for when you get down to the last of the bar. The marble is a simple of gratitude, and respect for our ocean filled planet, and we urge you to pass along the marble to remind others of the cause. (learn more about this here)

Pop by our online shop to pick up a CauseBar for you, or for a friend.

Pass along the message, to #shopslow and to #shopblue this christmas!

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