Who We Are

Dear SLOWCOAST Traveler,

SLOWCOAST was born in 2003 when our family took a long (1,200 mi/112 days) slow, deliberate walk along the ocean from Oregon to Mexico.

We decided that this stretch of coast, north of Santa Cruz and south of Half Moon Bay, would be our home.

Since then we’ve worked to support the farmers and artisans who are our neighbors and share our love for this place.

When you visit us on the SLOWCOAST you’ll understand what we mean by “In Slow We Trust”.

When you buy our locally grown, made, and inspired SLOWCOAST products you’ll help this community and give back to causes we support.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, if we can help you plan a SLOWCOAST visit or event, and please stop by the Airstream.

Warm regards,

J., Dana, Grayce and Julia Nichols

“We are living on the edge of forever.” – Jim West, SLOWCOAST botanical expert



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