SLOWCOAST is committed to helping our community, the environment, and protecting our children’s futures in any way we can. Our founders, J and Dana Nichols, also advise and support several local and international non-profit organizations.

By supporting us, you are supporting:

We support many SLOWCOAST farms and artisans by sharing their products and artwork with you through our store, online and in real life!
Several of our products include a donation to SLOWCOAST schools’ organic lunch program, including the Pacific School’s FoodLab.
Several of our products and promotions, such as our CauseBars, benefit ocean conservation efforts by supporting the Billion Baby Turtles Project, Save Our Shores and
Several items, such as our CauseBars, support the planting of trees.



Thank you for helping us give back
to our favorite human, blue and green causes.

We now have 8 CauseBars at Slow Coast that connect to good work we believe in.

Every bar of organic goat milk and sea salt soap is handmade on the Slow Coast at Fish Princess Farm. The soap comes in a wonderful hanging mesh bag that can be used in the shower, for travel, or as a scrub.

And CauseBars contain a glass blue marble or red pocket heart that’s meant to be passed along as a token of gratitude through our partnership with

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Slowcoast Cause Bar
The Mermaid Cause Bar supports the Wahine Project
Slowcoast Cause Bar
Our Whale Cause Bar contributes to Marine Life Studies
Slowcoast Cause Bar
This classic Heart Cause Bar funds Pacific Elementary School’s Food Lab and the Homeless Garden Project
Slowcoast Cause Bar
Our original Turtle Cause Bar saves
Baby Sea Turtles
Slowcoast Cause Bar
The Tree Cause Bar helps plant a redwood in our region
Slowcoast Cause Bar
A simple Wave Cause Bar helps build the #BlueMind Fund
Slowcoast Cause Bar
These fun Butterfly Cause Bars help grow our Slow Coast Pollinator Garden & Butterfly Sanctuary
Slowcoast Cause Bar
These fun Bee Cause Bars help grow our Slow Coast Pollinator Garden & Butterfly Sanctuary

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